GSOV is holding auditions for its Season 3 “In a Persian Garden” and Season 4 “Ages Ago”

Auditions will be held in the evening on 17th and 19th July, callbacks on 26th. The audition location will be communicated to those applying.

When filling in the audition form, please note which show(s) you are wishing to audition for.

In a Persian Garden is a concert presentation. The first half of “In a Persian Garden” by Liza Lehmann has been pre-cast by the Musical Director Geoffrey Urquhart. The second half will be G+S favourites that compliment the theme of the concert – Life and Love through the Victorian Lens – performed by members of the GSOV Concert Party. Auditions are open for those who wish to be part of the Concert Party group for this concert and for future concerts.

Ages Ago is being presented at Malvern Theatre between 23rd and 26th November as part of our “discovery series”.

The director is Diana Burleigh and MD Geoffrey Urquhart. Rehearsals will commence the second week of October and be held on Mondays and Wednesday, with some Sundays at the above address. The Libretto has been lightly edited by the Director. Ages Ago will be preceded by a short play which depicts the opening of the work, as well as the historical introduction of WS Gilbert to Arthur Sullivan at the original Ages Ago dress rehearsal.

There are 10 characters in Ages Ago and 4 in the playlet, of which one is assigned to our Musical Director leaving 3 roles.

The Ages Ago vocal score is available to download from this link.

Background reading, the original Libretto, and a “web opera” representation can be found at the Gilbert and Sullivan Archive, and character details are below to inform prospective auditionees.

Ages Ago cast description:

Sir Ebenezer Tare baritone/ bass baritone; middle aged. Self-made man with pretensions to be a member of the landed gentry.  Generally overbearing as he wants all to bow to his wishes. Does not speak “posh”.
Rosa soprano, Tare’s niece.  Young and charming but knows her mind. Knows how to handle her uncle’s irascibility.
Mrs MacMotherly alto, housekeeper to Tare.  Scottish accent. “a wise old body”, kindly and knows better than anyone else what is going on and what is going to happen.
Mr Columbus Hebblethwaite tenor/light baritone.  Young man inclined to be intimidated by Tare but has the ability to stand up to him when necessary.
Steward bass baritone. Elderly servant, Scottish accent. Can be made into a fun “eccentric old man” part.
Lady Maud de Bohun soprano.  Young and spirited.
Sir Cecil Blunt tenor/light baritone.  Young nobleman of a romantic disposition.
Lord Carnaby Poppytop Baritone. Old rogue.  If Donald Sindon were still alive, he would be perfect – full of surface courtesy but underneath a man of questionable character.
Dame Cherry Maybud alto. Wise elderly lady, full of grace and charm which hides a steely disposition.
Brown bass baritone, working class, middle aged and appears coarse but appearances can be deceptive.
   Pre- play – no singing required.
Pre- play – no singing required.
WS Gilbert mid 30s, tall with military bearing, a stern exterior hides a kind and humorous man.
Arthur Sullivan late-20s, short, inclined to be stout.  Very pleasant affable personality.
Mrs German Reed middle aged, theatrical management and wide performance experience has made her an ideal negotiator with stroppy creatives.


All auditionees are encouraged to sing something that represents their voice well, from G+S or indeed any other similar or classical style. Auditionees may be asked to prepare a specific song for Ages Ago roles. Please bring music for the accompanist to play if it is not from Ages Ago.

Audition enquiries and expressions of interest emails to

Applications to audition are made through the Audition Form.