Archive DVDs and Videos

GSOV DVDs in this section are shows that were originally released on VHS tapes, and have been transferred to DVD format. The quality is of course subject to the original recording and camera technology of the time, so this is provided more as a service to those who were involved with the productions or remember the show fondly.

Check the other shop sections for the newer and the rarer shows we have done.

We are investigating options for providing our shows as downloadable “.mp4” files that are playable on your computer, phone, or tablet / iPad, and possibly downloadable “.iso” image files if you still prefer to have a physical DVD and are able to burn them yourself on a computer, but without the postage. If these options interest you, please contact us before purchasing so we can discuss it.

Copies are available for most of our shows back to early 2000’s, and in some cases we can provide vision from shows as early as the 1990’s. Please enquire if a title you wish to purchase is not listed here.

A note for customers outside Australia:
All GSOV DVDs are PAL encoded (as is the standard in Australia and much of Europe/UK) with a Region 0 setting (unrestricted region). North American customers (and NTSC regions) in particular should check to see if they can play PAL DVDs on their equipment. If you are unsure, please contact us to discuss your options before you purchase.

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