Useful Resources and Web Links for Rehearsing and Revising the works of Gilbert and Sullivan, and other works performed by this Society.

Practice Parts and Study Materials

ARJentium Gilbert and Sullivan Study Materials

The ARJenium site has playable and dowloadable “mp3” format rehearsal files. If you use their web site, the tempo can be adjusted.

Please note the site has been having technical issues. Unfortunately that website is not under our control. Messages have been sent to the owners, who need to renew their certificate to prevent the error. It can be worked around using Firefox browser, and then clicking “Advanced” and then “Accept the Risk and Continue”. Once this is done once, you won’t have to do it again. Now the risk is not significant unless you are putting in personal details into the site, and even then it is unlikely to be a major security problem as the site is not commercially busy or a target for hackers. I’m sure the owners will get around to fixing the issue soon.


The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive

The Gilbert and Sullivan Archive is the premier online site for extensive background reading material, cut songs, detailed discussions, Libretto downloads, old vocal scores out of copyright, and has a “web opera” component.