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The Gondoliers

The Gondoliers, or, The King of Barataria, was the twelfth opera written together by Gilbert and Sullivan. Opening on December 7, 1889 at the Savoy Theatre, The Gondoliers ran for 554 performances, and was the last of the G&S operas that would achieve wide popularity. Its lilting score has, the most sparkling and tuneful music of them all and calls for lively stage movement and action.

Director: Robert Ray
Musical Director: John Ferguson


4 performances, 2 evening, 2 matinee
May 29th and 30th at 8pm
May 30th and 31st at 2pm

Darebin Arts Centre, Preston.


Monday, December 16th (between 7pm and 10pm)
Wednesday, December 18th (between 6:30pm and 9:30pm)

Audition venue is:
Cnr Hunter Drive and McCracken Ave, Blackburn South




Auditionees will be expected to prepare the required song(s) and dialogue as indicated.

FIAMETTA (Soprano)
Music: “Two there are for whom in duty”
Dialogue: None
VITTORIA (Mezzo-Soprano)
Music “Here we are …. we wanted variety”
Dialogue: None
TESSA (Mezzo-Soprano)
Music: “When a merry maiden marries” Verse 1 only
Dialogue: Act 2: “Yes we thought you’d like it …..and I’ve done”
GIANETTA (Soprano)
Music: “Kind sir you cannot have the heart” Verse 1 only
Dialogue: Act 2: “Yes we thought you’d like it …..and I’ve done”*
(This dialogue belongs to Tessa, but Gianetta has very little dialogue in comparison)
CASILDA (Soprano)
Music: “Dead as the last year’s leaves – Oh bury, bury”
Dialogue: (With Luiz) Act 1: “Oh, Luiz, Luiz …….but ten brief minutes since”
Music: “On the day when I was wedded” – Verse 1 only
Dialogue: Act 1 “Consider his extreme youth”*
(*This is the Duke’s speech, but I may break it up with both the Duke and the Duchess taking turns to tell the history)
INEZ (Contralto)
Music: “The Royal Prince ….
Dialogue: None
ANTONIO (Baritone)
Music: “For the merriest fellows are we” Verse 1 only
Dialogue: None
Music: “Take a pair of sparkling eyes” Verse 1 only
Dialogue: (With Giuseppe, Tessa, Don Al etc) Act 1 “What a delightful institution  ….And so would I?”
Music: “Rising early” Verse 1 only
Dialogue: Act 1 “Not we indeed! …..your servants”
DON ALHAMBRA (Bass-Baritone)
Music: “I stole the Prince” Verses 1 & 2 only
Dialoge: Act 1: “Then we’ll consider it settled …..of your acts”
Music: “In enterprise” Verses 1 & 2 only
Dialogue: Act 1 “At last we have arrived …Where is our suite?”
LUIZ (Lyric Baritone or Tenor)
Music: “There was a time … Oh bury, bury”
Dialogue: (With Casilda) Act 1: “Oh, Luiz, Luiz …….but ten brief minutes since”



Members of the Ensemble do not need an audition time, but should present an expression of interest by filling in the Audition form, detailing their voice type, past experience and availability.
The roles of FRANCESCO, GIORGIO, ANNIBALE, OTTAVIO, GIULIA will be selected from members of the Ensemble.


We will accept auditions by video for those unable to make it to an audition, and links to this material should be sent to the Director Robert Ray at They must be submitted prior to the Audition Dates. Late auditions will only be accepted in extreme circumstances.


The Gilbert and Sullivan Archives website ( has extensive resources for all of the G+S canon, including The Gondoliers ( with libretto and scanned vocal score for download if you do not have access to this material otherwise. Full Vocal Scores will be available to borrow by arrangement before, or once, rehearsals start.


Rehearsals are anticipated to be: Tuesday nights (Ensemble & Principals); Thursday nights or Saturday afternoons (Principals only). Sunday rehearsals (Full casts): April 25, May, 3, 10, 17.

First rehearsal first week of March.

We expect performers to be aware of the schedule, and have flagged any unavailabilities the moment you become aware of a clash or potential clash, preferably before the rehearsal period begins. You need to take your own notes and learn your role/music/dialogue/moves so the show can grow from a firm foundation.

All cast members (including principals) are expected to help sell tickets (because it’s more fun with a full house), and attend at least two working bees for set construction and/or costume and/or marketing/promotion (because we are all volunteers, and many hands make light work).

A performance fee of $50 adults/ $40 concession to contribute to costume wear/tear/adjustment, suppers, insurance, etc, is payable by all members taking part in a show. This is in addition to the yearly membership fee to the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Victoria which is currently set at $50 adults/ $40 concession. All performers must be members of the society. Those not already members will have an opportunity to join at the commencement of the rehearsal period.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the society by email.