Auditions for Season 3 – 2024


Director: Ron Pidcock OAM
Musical Director: Trevor Henley




Auditions will be on the evenings (7:00pm -10:00pm) of 21st and 24th May. Details will be given by our Auditions Coordinator.

To register for an audition timeslot please fill out the Audition form below.

Chorus members need to audition (sing anything you like preferably in operetta style and in English) only if they are new to the Society/Director/MD. All performers intending to join the chorus need to register with the auditions coordinator. Please fill out the form, but you will not need an audition timeslot (unless you would like to practice auditioning).


Melbourne Season:
Friday 6th September 2024, 7:30pm
Saturday 7th September 2024, 2pm
Saturday 7th September 2024, 7:30pm
Sunday 8th September 2024, 2pm

at Alexander Theatre
Monash University
48 Exhibition Walk
Clayton, 3169

Country performance in Corinella:

Saturday 14th September 2024, evening


Rehearsals starting in June with likely Tuesday evenings for Chorus and Principals, Thursday evenings for Principals, and Sunday daytime rehearsals for Chorus and Principals.

A full schedule will be available at the first rehearsal if not before.


If you are not familiar with this show, use any prepared piece of music that shows your voice to the best advantage, as long as it is in English. Please bring a copy for the accompanist, or if you feel more comfortable using your own accompanist, please do so.

The Character ages are only guides as per the storyline.

Dialogue and music can also be found at –

Auditionees should read all the character descriptions and prepare the speech for the particular role they are seeking. It is not necessary for either the dialogue or the songs to be memorised. Articulation is particularly important. if you are having trouble reading the table, you can download the descriptions here: Ruddigore Information 2024.pdf

Character Music Dialogue

(Light Baritone)


Act I  No 7

My boy you may take it from me

Or any patter song, or

Act II  No 8 verse 1

My eyes are fully open  (The ability to sing this in one breath not essential)

P 8     Act I with Adam

Hush, as you love me …” to end of scene.

P 10   Act I with Richard

Richard, my beloved foster brother …” to end of scene.




Act I  No 6

From the briny sea


Act I  No 15 Finale

Within this breast

P 10   Act I with Robin

As above

P 12   Act I with Rose

Ah, it’s a thousand pities …” to end of scene.




Act I  No 13

Oh why am I moody and sad


Act II No 8 verse 3

If I had been so lucky  (The ability to sing this in one breath not essential)

P 23   Act I with Richard

Poor children –//– beloved and regretted by all who knew me.”

P 45   Act II with Margaret

We have been married a week …” to Robin’s entry.




Act I  No 15 Finale Madrigal

When the buds are blossoming

(Must be able to hold the bass line accurately in the quartet)

Act II  No 1 original verses

I once was as meek

P 8     Act I with Robin

My kind master is sad …” to end of scene.

P 34   Act II with Robin

Painful indeed …” to end of scene.




Act II  No 5

When the night wind howls

P 42   Act II

Humph!//Perish in inconceivable agonies.”




Act I  No 3

If somebody there chance to be

P 19   Act I with Margaret

A maiden in tears …” to end of scene.

P 12   Act I with Richard

Sir, you are agitated …” to end of scene.




Act I  No 11

Cheerily carols the lark

Act II  No 8  verse 2

If I were not a little mad  (The ability to sing this in one breath not essential)

P 19   Act I with Rose

As above

P 45   Act II with Despard

One happy, happy week …” to Robin’s entry.


Dame Hannah



Act I  No 2

Sir Rupert Murgatroyd his leisure…

Act II  No10

There grew a little flower

P 2     Act I with Bridesmaids

Nay, gentle maidens …” to end of scene.

P 49   Act II

Well, Sir, and what //– and let the best man win.

Zorah (Sop)



Zorah only – Act I  No 1 – solo verse

Fair is Rose



P 2     Act I

It’s very disappointing   //   all the frenzy of a boy of fourteen.”


The Gilbert and Sullivan Archives website ( has extensive resources for all of the G+S canon, including Vocal Scores and the Libretto in various formats for download if you do not have access to this material otherwise.

You can reach the Auditions Coordinator by email at:


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