The Merry Widow 2015


The Merry Widow 2015 on DVD

Director: Robert Ray
Musical Director: John Ferguson

Starring Susanah Gidley, Robert Latham, Ron Pidcock, Josephine Grech, James Penn, Torquil Syme, Jonathan Rumsan, Andrew McGrail, Robin Halls, Susan Marshall, Paul Tooby, Naomi Absalom, Ron Mack, Judy Sporton, Anna Castle, Simon Cooper, and a wonderful supporting cast.

Baron Zeta is hosting a party where one of the guests, Hanna Glawari – a widow – is threatening to marry a foreigner therefore removing her inherited wealth, and bankrupting the country. Robert Ray once again delivers a sparking production of The Merry Widow, along with John Ferguson and a terrific cast.

Recorded at Alexander Theatre, Monash University, Victoria, Australia in April 2015.



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