A Song To Sing, O! 2017


A Song To Sing, O! 2017 on DVD or Digital Download

Director: Robert Ray
Musical Director: Isabel Cameron

Starring Ron Pidcock (OAM), Jessica Lesley Harris, Kent Martin, Ron Mack, Brett O’Meara, Reg Ellery, Jamie Tampion, Jacqui Moloney, Nadia Migliadi, Ben Klein, Susan Marshall, Chris McInnis, Andrea Tappe, Ken Knight, Elizabeth McCrea, Robyn Pidcock, and Suzanne Hume.

GSOV presents a Musical Comedy of the original Gilbert and Sullivan Patter Man, George Grossmith. Written by Melvyn Morrow with songs by George Grossmith, Libretto by W.S. Gilbert, and Music by Arthur Sullivan.

Recorded at the Phoenix Theatre, Elwood on 15th July 2017.




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