Trial By Jury and Other Legalities – 2009


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Bow Street Magistrates Court, London, somehow miraculously transported to Russell Street Melbourne. Angelina has been left at the altar by Edwin, and she turns to the court, and an amorous judge, to exact her revenge. Enjoy this sparkling miniature in one of Melbourne’s most popular tourist spots, the Old Magistrates’ Court – a great night out right in the heart of the city. Complementing the performance will be a newly written piece celebrating the “Other Legalities” of the Savoy Operas, including many favourites – and a couple of surprises!

Directed by Greg Eldridge, who was acclaimed for his adaptation of Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray at Monash University during Melbourne’s’ Fringe Festival in 2008. Musical direction by Pam Christie.


Trial By Jury

The Learned Judge – Ron Pidcock
The Plaintiff – Frederica Cunningham
The Defendant – Adrian Gaubert
Counsel for the Plaintiff – Andy Payne
Usher – Andrew McGrail
Foreman of the Jury – Gianfranco Filonzi

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Chorus

Gentlemen of the Jury: Cameron Addicott (Regional Tour), Alan Brown (Melbourne Season), David Carvalho, Trevor Gager, David Gerard, Nick Sharman

Society Ladies Kate Dwernychuk, Naomi Hobbs, Caitlin McNab, Victoria Lew, Leonie Thomson


Other Legalities

Barrister, Judge – Alan Brown
Robber Boy, Duke Defendant – David Carvalho
Constable – David Gerard
Barrister, Sergeant – Gianfranco Filonzi
Robber Chief – Ron Pidcock
Judge – Andy Payne
Priest, Robber Man – Andrew McGrail
Barrister – Adrian Glaubert
Criminal, Constable – Nick Sharman
Robber Lady, Female Judge – Leonie Thomson
Robber, Queen, Female Judge – Caitlin McNab
Alice Brown, Female Judge, Female Robber – Naomi Hobbs
Crazy Jacqueline, Female Robber – Kate Dwernychuk


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